Hydraulic Swivels

Mobile – Industrial Mining Construction Equipment

Rotary swivels transmit fluids or gases under pressure from a rotating member to a fixed unit; or from a fixed member to a rotating member up to 360 degrees.

  • Operating pressures to 10,000 PSI
  • Custom designs to suit your application
  • Flow range from 1 to 450 GPM
  • Seals for any fluid media or gases
  • Available in sizes up to 24 ports with gases and electronic optional
  • 30+ years swivel experience
  • Full continuous rotation
  • Certified materials
  • Bearings optional with design
  • Time tested proven designs
  • CAD – CAM/CNC manufacturing accuracy
  • 100% FACTORY TESTED – Have a special application? Give us a call!

Granite Fluid Power Hydraulic Swivels

Granite Fluid Power Hydraulic Swivels are designed to provide reliable operations over a wide temperature range of -40 degrees to +250 degrees.

GFP Swivels are built to customers specifications or using a time proven GFP design. GFP uses the latest in CAD/CAM and CNC technologies to manufacture their quality products. All swivel applications are reviewed by GFP engineers to provide the best in quality and the most economical unit for your application.

Granite Fluid Power designs swivels with NPT, SAE, and 4 bolt flange ports. They include pre-loaded seals for extended life and low maintenance. Swivel and body finishes meet demanding requirements. Typical applications include logging grapples, aerial lifts, back hoes, mining machines, and construction equipment. Any application where two parts must rotate up to 360 degrees with minimum maintenance under pressure and flow and eliminating unnecessary hose connections will be met by GFP Hydraulic Swivels.

We have a proven design to meet your requirements.