Hydraulic Valves – Unloading Valve

Granite Fluid Power manufactures the Rodgers Hydraulics line of high quality hydraulic pumps, valves, and cylinders as well as popular accessories. Granite Fluid Power has the capabilities to custom design complete systems to fit customers’ needs.
  • Maximum flow rating of 50 GPM with pressure settings up to 6,000 PSI in Threaded Body or Sub-Plate Designs (Sub-Plates sold separately)
  • Designed to unload hydraulic flow in “Hi/Low” systems at a preset pressure.  Typically used on high flow, low pressure pumps to eliminate excess heat caused from dumping over relief valves
  • Unloading Valve can be installed “In- Line” or “Off-Line” as illustrated
  • Valve is capable of being vented with the addition of optional valving connected to the Vent Port “V”
  • Unloading Valve will act as a relief valve in the circuit it controls.  Relief pressure will be the same as the unloading pressure